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Invoicing routines

Stena Line requires suppliers to send e-invoices. E-billing is a more efficient and safer way to manage invoices and minimizes the risk of errors.

If you as an supplier to Stena Line want to send an e-invoice you have three different billing methods to choose from: 

  • E-invoice via PaletteWebInvoice portal 
  • E-invoice through our VAN providers (IT partners)


1. E-invoice via PaletteWebInvoice portal
Stena Line's use an invoice portal called PaletteWebInvoice it is free to use for you as a supplier.

This solution address a supplier with;

•1-250 invoices per year 
•Suppliers that want to send e-invoices free and with an easy solution. 
•Suppliers who lack customized ERP 

Start billing Stena Line electronically by creating a user account on PaletteWebInvoice portal. You can send your first e-invoice today.

Create user account: 


To start send e-invoices to us, please find information at Pageros webpage. If you have any questions regarding software and technical solution please contact Pagero Support Center at +46 31 7308870.

2. E-invoice via our VAN providers 
we offer the ability to send invoice via our VAN providers, Palette Connectivity and PageroContact.

This solution is addressed to: 

•Suppliers with larger volumes of invoices per year  
•Suppliers with an already customized ERP 

If you want to get in contact with Pagero you can register at Pageros webpage: Type project code: STEN29036

If you have any questions regarding software and technical solutions please read more;

Palette Connectivity
Fill in form located in the right-hand column and email to Åse Cederhage.

You can also find our invoice addresses by following the link "Invoice addresses" on the right hand side.