our view on sustainability

Sustainability guides our every move

Stena Line has set sail on a journey to become a greener ferry operator, and sustainability guides our every move. For us, sustainability is about
minimising our environmental impact and caring for our employees, customers and society as a whole.

Sea-based transport may be the most environmentally efficient way of transporting goods when measuring emissions per tonne-km, but the climate and environment are still affected. This is why Stena Line continuously is working with large- and small-scale environmental measures.

Our policy for Safety, Health and Environment applies for all business areas, ashore as well as at sea. Information about the policy is open to anyone who would like study it.

Extract from our policy:
"Stena Line will ensure that in all its activities the highest priority is given to protect the health and safety of persons and to prevent damage to the environment, property and the company reputation".

Read the full policy here »

Stena Line’s sustainability strategy is divided into four focus areas, developed in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and specifically adapted to our business: Clean energy, Responsible consumption, Good health & Well being and Life below water.