our fleet

ropax, combi ferries and cargo vessels

Stena Line's fleet matches the combination of passengers and freight which are transported on our routes. Our fleet consists of RoPax, combi ferries and cargo vessels and we have around 38 ships in traffic in our network.

RoPax ferry

RoPax ferries are designed to carry passengers and freight, but the emphasis is on freight.

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Combi ferry

Combi ferries carry passengers, freight, cars and coaches.

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Cargo vessel

Cargo vessels have the capacity to carry goods that are not permitted to be transported on passenger ferries.

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ship gallery - irish sea & north sea

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ship gallery - baltic sea

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ship gallery - scandinavia

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While the earth spun one lap
around the
sun, we spun the entire 124 laps around
the earth. At least if you would sum up
the total distance of the 2,682,405
nautical miles we sailed in 2015.