Working at stena line

Working at stena line

Stena Line is an international company with business and employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

With over 5 600 employees, Stena Line is one of the largest ferry companies in the world and throughout our business regions, all employees are being brought together by our vision: “Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future”.

At Stena Line, care is crucial to our business and is an important part of our corporate culture. Everything we do shows that we care and this is emphasized in our core values: “We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care – care for our customers, care for resources, care for each other.”

Through Stena Line’s history, our commitment, knowledge and desire to always deliver a high quality service has taken us far. Each year, over 7,4 million guests choose to travel with us. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure that we provide them not only with a safe journey but also a positive experience which they will remember.

Route network
Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future

Stena Line's mission is to increase the value for our customers through affordable and seamless ferry transportation with an absolute commitment to safety and reliability, and a reduced environmental footprint.

We deliver efficiency and sustainability through care – care for our customers, care for resources and care for each other.

Organisation & management

Stena Line
has a route-based organisation and the head office is located in Gothenburg.

We are organised in eight geographical Business Regions: Denmark, Norway, Germany, Baltic Sea North, Baltic Sea South, North Sea, Irish Sea North och Irish Sea South.

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Victor serves our customers via social media

The freedom in solving problems, the customer contact as well as helping our customers out via social media - that’s why Victor thinks it is great to work with social media at Stena Line.

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Paula makes a difference for every guest

The variation at work, to meet different people every day and most important - making a difference for our guests. That's why Paula feels motivated at work.

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Five great reason why you should work with us

When we asked three of our employees why they choose to work for us, they answered it was because they love the ocean, traveling, adventure, helping customers and the special bond that’s formed between colleagues working so tightly together.

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