it's the big little things

Steve – Senior Chief Engineer on Stena Adventurer

Steve has worked as an engineer at Stena Line for more than 20 years and knows the engine room of the Stena Adventurer better than anyone else. Without doubt the man with the best laugh on the seven seas will be missed by his colleagues the day he retires. Almost as much as he himself will miss his trusty shifting spanner…

”I always carry a shifting spanner. Every engineer carries one of these”, he says.


People that care about the big little things

Good service comes in many forms. A welcoming smile, a warming blanket or even a hug and some words of comfort when you need them the most. If you’ve traveled with us you probably haven’t missed it – how our amazing employees always goes the extra mile to make your trip with us as enjoyable as possible. Here you can get to know some of them and the big little things they bring to work every day.

For somebody who really cares about something, no aspect or detail about that thing is insignificant. Actually, one could easily argue it’s quite the opposite – that attention to detail is what true care is all about. That’s exactly what we at  Stena Line mean when we talk about the Big Little Things: A disproportionate care for the small, seemingly meaningless details in everything we do, all the way from port to port.


”Trying to make that little thing, you know, the big thing – that’s important.”

– Joanne, Area Sales Manager Freight, Belfast Port



”Something I’ll always remember is ’Do it right or do it twice’. If you don’t get it right the first time you have to go back and do it again.”

– Norris, Onboard Sales & Services Manager.

”You’re always looking to see if there’s something you can do.”

Roz – Customer Service Assistant on Stena Superfast VIII.

”What it’s all about, really, is being yourself.”

– Geoff, Customer Service Assistant.


”It is a very small thing, but it made such a difference to that person"

 – Roger, Port Services Operative Team Leader.

”What I do is I look after people. I like the customers to feel at home in the lounge”

– Mary, Customer Service Assistant.

”I just think of things and just do it"

– Shona, Customer Service Assistant.

”The most satisfying times for a captain are when you achieve your targets.”

– John, Senior Master on Stena Adventurer


"I like to think of myself as someone that, when you eat my food, you can tell that somebody who cares about what they’re doing is behind it.”



– Gary, Chef.

"It’s the smallest of things that you can do for somebody that could make the biggest impact.”



–  Laura, Freight Customer Service Team Leader.