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Environmental policy

Stena Line is an environmentally aware company and the environmental policy applies for all business areas, ashore as well as at sea.

Information about our environmental policy is open to anyone who would like study it.

  • Each business area, each route and each place or unit in our business, must draw up goals for environmental protection and environmental improvements annually.
  • All personnel must be given suitable training on environmental issues and be encouraged to participate actively in the environmental work. When new operations are planned or when new technology is introduced, the environmental consequences must be studied and constitute a part of the basis for decision-making.
  • To reduce the environmental burden from our operations, Stena Line as far as is reasonable shall have control of the operations that are needed in order to be able to prevent or reduce the effects on our surroundings. In particular, we shall focus on our emissions and improvements in this area as a contribution to sustainable development.
  • Stena Line shall comply with the laws and requirements that are placed on our business.

The suppliers and contractors that are decisive for our total environmental burden shall deliver agreed products and services in such a way that together we can comply with this policy.