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Environmental certification

Systematic environmental work
All of Stena Line's Scandinavian ships as well as the Swedish ports and office are today certified according to the international environmental management system ISO 14001. It is a work model for systematic and active environmental work that helps Stena Line to allocate responsibility, prioritise, communicate, follow up and control the efforts for constant improvements.

In the operations on the Irish Sea, Stena Line is implementing the environmental management system during 2011.

Independent certification companies control Stena Line's work according to ISO 14001 during regular audits. Every half-year, random checks are made and every three years an audit is conducted which provides the basis for renewal of the certification.

Stena Line's employees also carry out their own audits.

The improvement log
To spread the areas for improvement that are identified, all deviations related to the environment, improvement proposals and incidents are collected in an improvement log. The purpose of the log is to spread knowledge between ships and departments.