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We respect the environment when investing

Stena Line sees investments in the environment as good investments, which both reduce the environmental burden and save money in the long-term. Every year, we challenge ourselves with specific environmental goals that drive the investments in ships and more efficient maintenance.

There are numerous advantages to using the sea for long-distance transport: a well-functioning infrastructure, fewer accidents, less congestion and less noise. Nevertheless, as a transport company, Stena Line affects the environment. It is unavoidable.

Stena Line's greatest opportunity to reduce the environmental burden is to reduce the fuel consumption and thus reduce the emissions of sulphur and carbon dioxide.

Since 2006, the carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 2.5 per cent every year. The efforts continue.

Environmental goals
Stena Line's work for the environment is driven forward by four overriding goals that are common to the entire company.

  • Reducing the energy consumption
  • Reducing the emissions into the atmosphere
  • Reducing the emissions into water
  • Increasing the proportion of waste sorted at source