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Working at Stena Line

A combination of the people, the ships, the sea, the harbours and the technology makes Stena Line an exciting place to work, where there's plenty of opportunity to make a difference. All employees should have the chance to develop in both their current and new positions.

It takes hundreds of different roles to create affordable, memorable journeys that can make our guests feel good and want to travel with us again. Whether you work ashore or onboard you are contributing to this, in one way or another.

Our commitment and sense of service has taken us a long way - Stena Line is one of the world's largest ferry companies. The organization operates more than 5,000 people in a variety of roles.

Working onboard

Working onboard differs from most other workplaces as the workplace is constantly moving. Our ships are like large floating hotels and restaurants where a variety of services and enthusiasts is needed to give our guests a trip they'll never forget. We are big because we think small. It´s the detail, the little things that makes the big difference. The difference you remember.

You are part of the safety organization on the ship during your whole stay onboard, 24 hours a day. As an employee onboard, you are responsible for both service and security. Each “player” in our safety team has a key-position and is crucial.

The positions onboard are divided into three areas: deck, engine and onboard service. The onboard service includes different duties in the kitchen, the restaurant, the hotel, retail and guest service.

Working ashore

Ashore Stena Line has over 220 different positions in a wide range of areas.

Recently appointed positions is among others Environmental Controllers, HR Partner, Developer, Accountant, Business Controller, Supply Chain Manager, SQL technicians, Market Analyst and Public Relations Specialist. Just to name a few.