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At Stena Line we have a broad spectrum of different jobs and assignments. You can apply for a job here with more or less any type of background, so long as you back our vision "The Number No.1 ferry company and always customers' first choice" and our pervasive customer focus.

One of our long-term objectives is that we work together in a positive spirit. We should enjoy being at work. If we like each other and enjoy our jobs, our customers will also be happy. Our organisation is decentralised so co-operation and a sense of responsibility are key factors if we're to succeed in giving our passengers good service. We all have to have the best interests of our customers at heart and make sure they get the best possible outcome in every situation. This is the reason we've delegated the assignment of responsibility. All Stena Line employees must be able to make the necessary decisions to make our customers happier.

Competency development for all staff is essential so they are confident and have the ability, willingness and courage to take responsibility. Whether as individuals or in groups, all employees should be given the chance to develop. Individual initiatives for improvement should always be recognised and encouraged.

Open communication, confidence, mutual respect and guidance should be characteristic of leadership within Stena Line.

All Stena Line employees should be proud to work for the company. We should be proud of our history and tradition, the quality of our work and our customers - and proud of working for Stena Line. 

Job vacancies

Stena Line is an international company in many ways. We have co-workers in eight markets; Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Holland, United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. Job vacancies in Scandinavia are always published on the Scandinavian career site; change language to Swedish to view the current vacancies in this area. To apply for a position in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland, send your CV and cover letter to the contact persons specified below.

Please notice that a basic level of the language spoken in the country of your interest often is necessary to manage due to safety reasons.

Ms Agniezska Malinowska, Personnel Manager

Ms Silke Hansen, Assistant to the Region Manager Travel Business Germany

United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland 
Dun Laoghaire Human Resources
Are you a qualified Deck, Engine or Electrical Officer/ETO? Please e-mail:

Mr Louis Knipscheer, Personnel manager

Northern Marine Management