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The most frequent asked questions about Stena Line

1. What was Stena Line's result in 2008?
The result for 2008 was SEK 272 million.

2. What is Stena Line's revenue?
Stena Line had a revenue of SEK 10,3 billion in 2008.

3. How many employees are there at Stena Line?
Around 5,700 people work for Stena Line of which 3,500 onboard.

4. Who owns Stena Line?
Stena Line is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stena AB, which is owned by the Olsson family.
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5. Where is Stena Line's head office?
Stena Line's head office is in Göteborg, Sweden.

6. When was Stena Line founded?
Sten Allan Olsson founded the shipping business in 1962 when he took over Skagenlinjen AB operating between Göteborg and Skagen on North Jutland.
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7. What is Stena Line's business concept?
Stena Line's business concept is:
To create a long-term, stable, environment for the company and its staff by produce and sell safe and efficient transport by sea and connecting port services so that:

  • Passengers reach their destinations and have a positive travel experience
  • Transport companies can ship goods to their destinations

8. Where can I find Stena Line's annual report?
Stena Line doesn't print any annual report as the company is privately-owned.

9. How do I book a trip?
Booking a trip is easiest via our websites:

Great Britain
Ireland, Northern
Ireland, Republic of

10. Who is Stena Line's Managing Director?
Gunnar Blomdahl has been Stena Line's MD since 2003. From 1997 he held various management positions at Stena Line and the most recently was as Area Director for the Irish Sea operations.
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11. How many vessels does Stena Line have?
Stena Line's fleet consists of 35 vessels - 17 operating on the Scandinavian routes, 6 on the North Sea and 10 on the Irish Sea.
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12. What does a ferry cost?
Stena Line's fleet consists of different types of ferries: HSS Class fast ferries, Multi-purpose ferries, RoPax ferries and Freight ferries.
The latest ferries ordered is scheduled for delivery by the beginning of 2010 and costs SEK 2 billion each.

13. Which route has most passengers?
Nearly 1.4 million people travelled on Stena Line's Göteborg-Frederikshavn route in 2008, which is the route with the most passengers. Scandlines has 8 million passengers per year on the Helsingborg-Helsingör route.
The Stranraer-Belfast route has the most passengers on the Irish Sea with around 1.1 million per year.

14. How many passengers travel with Stena Line annually?
15,280,000 passengers travelled with Stena Line/Scandlines in 2008. The comparative figure for cars is 2,866,800.